Work Methodology

  • Create specialized events business culture; within comprehensive, exclusive, cost effective and high performance practices.
  • Stimulate innovations; promoting new ideas and solutions to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Promote new methods of planning and working to benefit every aspect of what we do.
  • Implant novelties and new technologies into our operations to deliver on-going improvements in the quality and cost of our activities.
  • Drive in sustainability into our work to create value.
  • Achieve growth in our core businesses and develop further project engagement.
  • Maximize value from our existing portfolio while exploring and evaluating opportunities for expansion.
  • Make sure the portfolio of businesses maintains the appropriate mix of growth and profit generation


The Strategy  

Our strategy begins with a passion for our projects; and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs.

Our firm methodology combines data-driven insights, expert execution and some of the most creative minds in the digital marketing sector; to generate an outcome that strengthens the bond between our customers and their targeted audience.

Fast and flexible, we are able to leverage our highly diversified projects to constantly expand our reach in various markets.

ICEC is building a sustainable base for continued long-term success, aiming to attract an extraordinarily diverse, international portfolio of projects that reach their consumers and segments smoothly and cost-effectively.

With perpetually driven culture, focused on constant innovation; ICEC understands how to grow tremendously alongside its partners by building leading business states; to meet the needs of demanding customers within the targeted markets.

Our strategy is built on exceeding the expectations of our consumers, customers, shareholders and business partners. We help our partners win with consistently solid execution and outstanding service, and we persistently find means to develop our performance and produce satisfying results.


Core Values

Core Values and Ideology

Commitment: We take responsibility for our actions focusing on constructive solutions.

Safety: We take individual and company-wide responsibility for safety in all our activities.

Partnering: We build trustworthy relationships with all our customers for long term bilateral benefit and we treat our partners how we like to be treated ourselves, with sincerity, openness and empathy.

Innovation: We take the time to be innovative, to think and create valued outcomes for our clients which support our vision for the future. We encourage our people to be creative, entrepreneurial and to share their knowledge and expertise with customers.

Sustainability: We actively incorporate principles of sustainability when designing solutions to economic, social, environmental and cultural issues in our projects

Communication: We communicate effectively and professionally to ensure clients can make accurate and precise decisions based on the right information.

Integrity:  Integrity is the heart of who we are and what we do. Our business is accountable for the highest standards of ethics.

Teamwork:  We believe that succeeding together is as important as succeeding independently.

Excellence:  We strive to do our best in everything we do.

Respect:  We treat our customers the same way we ourselves; our customers are our partners.

Honesty:  We are committed to being truthful, trustworthy and honorable in all of our dealings with our customers

Excellent Business Environment: We do our best to raise a corporate environment where our proficient, skillful and dedicated personnel can achieve their full potential.

The Future

At ICEC we well-comprehend to the fact that commercial businesses business never stand still – that’s what makes them so challenging and dynamic. At present we are in a phase of substantial evolution as business partners are looking for greater value and output.

Coming across an aggressive growth mode; ICEC approach relies heavily on retaining exceptional entrepreneurial essence, coupled with a decentralized decision-making manner to set a clear roadmap for future success.

Entering the next evolution phase, ICEC  is well on track to become the front-runner of specialized events in Egypt; accelerating the execution of a sound strategy leading through research-based innovation to deliver positive outcomes for global businesses; with premeditated precedence to drive productivity across a note-worthy portfolio of projects.

Aiming position itself as the premier continental to international specialized event making enterprise ICEC is keen about providing global standards of service; with a customer-centric focus pinpointing out-of-the-box business solutions, whilst keeping all phases well-versed.

The Philosophy

Forming win to win businesses patterns has always been the strategic objective at ICEC, for this reason, the specialized projects we take-over, cover a wide range of sectors with one concept in common “Business at its best form”.

The most important key to the growth and success of ICEC business is the adopted policy of treating our customers as PARTNERS. We do indeed treat them as we would treat ourselves, and pay close attention to them in every detail. What is more, we give solutions more than money can buy.

Scheming profit-making business hot-spots is our core belief at ICEC, for this reason, the professional events we demeanor, cover a wide range of commercial activities and marketplaces with one concept in common; bringing together buyers, sellers and markets in related and co-related areas of economic interest.