Our values

The Mission

To be the linear specialized exhibition organizer within the MENA region; generating the perfect bond amongst targeted professional businesses and communities and scooping out those networks by means of staging top-notch event management tactics and context; providing added-values and stewardship solutions based on sound principles.

Our Vision

ICEC’s crystal clear vision includes directing the growth to areas of strategic activities through major commercial sectors; where each unit has a unique business expertise, to offer our customers and partners the best there is of service.


ICEC launches sustainability objectives contributing to the company’s ongoing growth as a fundamental part of our business. These objectives are relevant and long term covering various aspects of our operations.

Our aim is to deliver an unrivalled brand-making and business sourcing experience, showcasing brands, products and promotions that appeal to high-end customers, presented in contemporary business settings; with high presentation standards and underpinned by exceptional services and activities.