Designest  (The Unique Product Designs Exhibition and Concept Store) will be located in the heart of El Sheikh Zayed, Park St. Mall, Cairo West. “Designest aims at gathering all innovations in product designs comprising of Accessories, Furniture, lighting in addition to Art designs;  Designest is launching the most modernized themes for product design concepts; whilst opening new horizons to high end professionals and top-notch clients to explore unprecedented profit-making business hot-spots.


Designest plans to showcase the impressive business opportunities of tomorrow and demonstrating the pulse of the future ; Designest will change the look of the product design business sector ; driving it to develop an extraordinary appeal of its own, bustling, energetic and wide-ranging.

Designest is unique and different with its special features to take the product designs innovations to the next level as it emphasizes the latest trends in all aspects of home design and modern lives.

Designest expected launching will take place in the 1st quarter of  2021.


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