About Us

ICEC, predominantly affianced in organizing specialized exhibitions; aims always to provide value for money; taking the commercial activities to the next level by developing sound strategies and implementing quick plans to increase customer acquisition, leads and sales.

Basking in the glow of the booming specialized exhibitions business opportunities, ICEC is able to leverage highly diversified variety of projects to constantly grow all types businesses.

More than services, more than products, ICEC is a brand-maker providing solutions and opportunities in promising markets. Our current and future clients are celebrated brands with fame and traditions.

ICEC plans to develop legendary commercial networks on the local, regional and international levels; by successfully introducing, promoting and managing international brands in the markets where the company interacts.

The businesses undertaken by ICEC are operated in professional manners to maintain a consistent standard of excellent quality across the merchandising, marketing and customer service functions, supporting and maintaining the growth and the standing of each brand.

Scheming multifaceted trading stand-points; ICEC plans to be the most influential business sourcing mean for the business patrons; crafting exceptional opportunities for top innovators to pop-in the highly growing business sector.


The Concept

At ICEC, we comprehend to the fact that customers want the best possible value for their money. This means quality outcomes, excellent service, attractive business opportunities and sensible marketplaces. And ICEC is determined to give customers what they want.

Accordingly; within the concept of “creating value for money”; ICEC exerts the best there is of efforts to build a unique, valuable and comfortable business experience; an experience that pays for itself.

Brand Building

In addition to the operational tasks; ICEC undertakes many activities to ensure the success of the represented brands; aiming to set the benchmark for commercial businesses via specialized events, whilst contributing to the development of trade; through the visionary projects with high added value and exceptional outputs.